Experience the Outer Banks

Fun for all ages, our Jeeps are the ultimate beach toy. If you’re looking for a day to remember, see below for some of our favorite Jeep excursions.

See the Wild Horses

Carova's Wild Horses

Driving to the northern beaches to see the wild horses is our most popular adventure. Be your own guide and move at your own pace. Take some gear and spend some time tailgating by the beach.

Run Out to the Hatteras Point

Cape Hatteras Point

Far out in the Atlantic, the Cape Hatteras point is a natural wonder. Cross-currents create choppy seas and the sun sets over the water. Bring chairs and some firewood to relax and soak it all in, or take a stroll down a quiet beach at sunset.

Have a Beach Bonfire


In the summer, beach bonfires are allowed at Coquina Beach, just south of Nags Head, and at many of the other Cape Hatteras beaches. Throw some chairs and firewood in the Jeep and enjoy one of the best nights you can have at the beach. You’ll need a permit, but they’re free and we have them in the office.

Spend a Day at Old Lighthouse Beach

Old Lighthouse Beach

The beaches around the old Cape Hatteras Lighthouse site are some of the best in the Outer Banks. The water here tends to be about 10 degrees warmer compared to the northern beaches because the Gulf Stream is so close, and the Hatteras Lighthouse stands in the background. 

Drive the Inside Road

Hatteras' Inside Road

While you’re down in Hatteras, check out the inside road. It’s a sand road that runs about four miles. Driving it is easy and fun, and it’s gorgeous at dusk.